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Motorcycle Dealership Insurance

When you have a lot riding on your business, protect it.

Motorcycle dealership insurance to keep your business protected.

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Operating a motorcycle dealership brings with it unique risks, and your business relies on the inventory you have, so protecting it is vital. That’s why it’s essential to have a motorcycle dealership insurance policy that provides specialized coverage for the motorcycles you buy, sell, and repair, as well as your team and other industry-specific risk factors.

What does motorcycle dealership insurance cover?

While there are subtle differences in the coverage options you’ll need whether you are a franchised or independent motorcycle dealership, there are some coverages to consider either way. Known as dealers open lot or dealers physical damage liability insurance, this coverage offers protection for the motorcycles in your inventory when it comes to collision, loss, theft, and other causes of damage named under your specific policy. Also, consider garage keepers insurance, which provides coverage in the event that a customer’s motorcycle or vehicle is damaged or stolen while under your control and possession. So, if you take a potential trade-in for a test drive, are working on a customer’s motorcycle in your shop, or are storing a customer’s ride, this coverage comes in handy as a much needed layer of protection.

What are the risks of running a motorcycle dealership?

First and foremost, because your motorcycle dealership has all or most of your inventory at a single property, there are many risks involved. For example, your inventory could be stolen, vandalized, or damaged by weather, all of which could result in lost revenue or worse if you don’t have the proper amount of coverage. Another example involves the handling of customer’s motorcycles or vehicles. If you are working on a motorcycle in the repair shop at your dealership and an employee damages an expensive part, your business could be held liable. In addition, your employees can take actions that could cost you. For instance, an employee could steal a motorcycle or other property from the premises or use company credit cards for personal purchases. You should consider these risk factors when developing your insurance policy.

The business side of your motorcycle dealership.

While your business may be in a unique space, the insurance coverages you need to safeguard your business aren’t. For instance, workers’ compensation insurance offers coverage to your employees should they become injured while on the job. Commercial property insurance protects the buildings and assets on your property, making it an important coverage to have. And finally, cyber liability insurance is a must if you store customer information on your computer systems, which could turn into a lawsuit if that data is stolen.

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